Do the Opposite

Unless you think that the majority of people are living successful lives, chances are that at some point you will have to act differently from those around you. Success can take many forms and it is often about standing out from the crowd or being above average, spotting when the crowd moves one way and making sure that you move the other.

Thinking and doing the opposite of what the majority is doing isn’t about being different for the sake of being different. There are lots of times when the well-trodden path is the right one to take. Your challenge is to know when it will be in your interest to do the opposite.

  • Your friends might talk about studying more but not act; you could comment to completing that much-desired part-time degree course.
  • When prices fall, people may panic and sell their shares or houses, you could buck the trend and hold on to them.
  • Few people exercise regularly enough and eat healthily; you can be the one who walks to work, goes to the gym and eats healthy food.
  • Many people only talk about quitting their jobs to follow dreams of self-employment, you could be the one to break out on your own if your own dreams point this way.

Doing the opposite might make you feel uncomfortable. It can be scary and make you feel lonely and exposed. It is never easy to be seen as going against the grain and ignoring the advice of your colleagues, friends or family, but if you are prepared to explain what you are doing and why, they will come round.

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