Persist and Don’t Give Up

If you are happy to be an average student, employee, partner, boss, athlete or friend, then simply do as much as most people do. Skim-read books, don’t bother rehearsing your Keynote/ PowerPoint presentation and do the minimum you need to do to get by. The majority of people give up difficult things too easily and stop trying after a first rejection, practice session, failure or disappointment.

It is far too easy to give up and make lame excuses – ‘I would have found a job but I am too over-qualified’, ‘I would have kept training for the charity run, but I am too busy.’

When trying to achieve anything in your life – espeically something that in your heart you badly want – never stop and never give up too soon. You don’t know how close you might be to the winning line. Instead, persist: be the person who has that one extra attempt, who continues whatever it is that others have stopped doing. Sheer persistence will always get you there in the end.

Article extracts from:
100 things successful people do by Nigel Cumberland

Photo by David Taljat from Pexels

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